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Our travel time allocations are based on a number of factors – distance to venue, cost of gas, time of day traveled (allotting for traffic, construction etc) and wear and tear on our drivers cars. The map below is for reference purposes only – these guidelines are subject to change. *PLEASE NOTE* Travel times do vary, and additional fees will apply if an event takes place outside of regular subway service hours.

Please call/email for a quote.

Our standard travel time guidelines are as follows:
GREEN ZONE  - City of Toronto proper

[Area bordered by Victoria Park to the east, Hwy 401 to the north, Islington Ave to the west]:  

No travel time charge (as long as event is reasonably TTC accessible)

RED ZONE  - External city of Toronto:

[Area bordered by Islington Ave to Hwy 427 to the west, 401 to the north, Victoria Park to Markham road to the east]: 

½ hr TT each way


[Area between 401 to Hwy 7 to the North, Hwy 427 to Trafalger Rd to the west, Markham Road to Salem Rd to the east] : 

Roughly 1 hour TT each way


[Area north of Hwy 7, West of Trafalger Rd, East of Salem Rd N]: 

Roughly 1.5 hours TT each way


[Area north of Davis Drive/Hwy 9 , east of Harmony Rd South, West of Guelph Line] 

2 hours TT each way and up– please call/email for quote

Wondering if your event has travel time?

click on the [ ] (square parentheses) icon in the map below

to enter your event address!

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