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Thank you SO much again for being superstars last night.
Your supervisors and your staff team were awesome

It’s a mystery how you were able to provide the lovely meals you did and oh-so-quickly!  Your staff received many compliments about the food and presentation from our guests, which is always a good sign.  I don’t think we could have done anything better.  (The cups not being on the table doesn’t count – because it would have been too squishy on the table and your team work at the speed of light so we didn’t lose any time!)

I sent a note to my colleagues with some highlights (attached) – I thought they should know you guys rocked.

Sorry I didn’t get to say a proper thank you with a big squeeze at the end of the night.  I’ll have to save it for when I see you next whenever that may be!

Have a great rest of the week!

“Thank you so much for the team who catered the party on Saturday.  The chef and ladies were absolutely wonderful, friendly and helpful.  I had a few curve balls thrown my way on Saturday, and I couldn’t have done it without your phenomenal team.  Our guests had a fabulous time, and my husband absolutely loved the surprise.
Your team did an awesome job.  Thanks for everything!”


Please pass these photos over to your amazing staff. They were awesome with the kids as well as the adults. I have been receiving calls and e-mails for 2 days about the outstanding service. Thanks so much. We hope to have an opportunity to use your services again!!


The staff we had at the 4 Charles and Oakville events were AMAZING. I understand that they work for Core? Would you be able to send along their names please?

Yes, they were excellent. Plus, even through all the busy events they must be doing this season, they remembered me and brought me over tons of food for ‘sampling’ and ‘quality control’


Have a great holiday!

OMG!! I’ve been trying to e-mail you all morning. Everything was above perfect!!! I received SO many calls and e-mails complimenting the catering and the staff.  I will be floating for months!

My husband was totally surprised.

I had the best time ever!! It was my first catered party with staff so I actually had time to visit with everybody and ENJOY myself!!! The staff were so entertaining!! They were just wonderful with the children. I took lots of photos and I have some great ones of the staff.  I just received the invoice from Core Event Staff. I hope they’ll give me the individuals e-mail address to thank them again.

You all made me look really good to hubby’s family. (I was once considered the “out-Law” as opposed to the “In-Law”.  (lol) I put in an announcement about your catering company and also introduced the staff. I’m sure you’ll get some catering jobs in the future from some of these guests.


Hi Core!

I just wanted to forward the incredible feedback I received from our client about one of your supervisors.  Our client was beyond happy with her, and I expect, will be requesting her for her next soiree!   I was hoping one of you could pass these kind words on to her.

“The supervisor from Core Event Staff was pure magic.  She’s so professional, intuitive and hard working. It was like she could read my mind, knowing what I needed help with.  I didn’t even have to ask.  When she was done her work, my house looked cleaner than it does when there are no parties!  It’s like the party never happened.  She was so efficient. I’ve never treated myself to hiring a server, and wow- what a difference.  Rather than cleaning up for hours,  I was able to enjoy myself and relax much more when she was helping us.  She’s amazing!”

Thanks for sending such wonderful people – each of your staff make all of our events run so smoothly!

Kind Regards,

Good morning

Sorry I didn’t write earlier because, as last time, we were more than satisfied with the service and food. The supervisor from Core was wonderful; he was incredibly personable and accommodating. Should we have further catering needs, you can be certain we will be in touch. Meantime we have been recommending you to our friends.

Merry Christmas!

I spoke with the rep from U of T yesterday, and she said that your staff were amazing, and very accommodating last night. She did not realize that there was another function going on on that floor, and she said that they were incredible at being flexible with all the changes.

A special thanks to you and Steven for making our event today a success. Again, Steven went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly.

I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot remember the name of the second server (I will blame it on baby brain). He was fabulous as well!!

Hi all

What a great way to end the year.  Every single person I’ve talked to today has been gushing about the party last night.  You guys did an amazing job.  The food was delicious, the drinks plentiful and a fun time was had by all.  Thank you so much for making this such a success! I honestly cannot say enough about the staff, to each person they were friendly, helpful and ultra professional.  We would welcome them in our space any time!  Please send them my thanks and appreciation.

Chat soon,

Hello all!

Many thanks to you!  I so enjoyed working with you and your talented team!  I am so impressed and grateful for all that you did to make the RBC clients so happy.  The evening was truly one of the most memorable evenings that I have attended.  Everything was just perfect, the room was stunning, the food was unbelievably delicious, and your team was so professional and attentive with so much charm! Please extend my sincere thanks to them all for making the evening such a hit!! I look forward to working with you again!!  Anytime! Hope to see you at Ruby Watchco soon so that I may cook for you!

Until then…  All my best!

Good morning all,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the wonderful work that you did last night.  The staff you sent on site were amazing.  All comments were nothing but praise for the good food and excellent service.

Until next time.

The event was lovely! I’m glad it went smoothly. From the client comments they had a good time. The Supervisor and the waitstaff you sent did a wonderful job – everything went like clockwork and they were great at gauging the timing of food and were attentive to the clients and in house staff.


Thanks again for all your help in coordinating the catering for this event – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Hi Core

Thank you so much! Everything was perfect, we had an absolutely wonderful night.  The food and staff were amazing – very helpful, and extremely efficient. We will definitely be using your services again.

Warmest Regards,

On behalf of all the POP Up Hosts I just wanted to thank you so much for making last night such a seamless evening! Everyone was looked fabulous and the staff were so helpful, attentive and friendly! The food was amazing, many people were complimenting it!  Thank you and I hope to work with you again.

Have a great holiday season,

To the Owners of Core Event Staff,

You are like Aladdin’s lamp, I make wishes, and you make them come true. I need more room on the floor. BAM, more room on the floor! I need the dinner served in less time. BAM the dinner service is swifter! Whatever I wish for, you and your incredible staff make it so. You are something from an Event producer’s fairytale, a magic charm, talisman or potion. CORE is simply magic!

When I spoke to one of the coordinators at the ROM after the Event she also spoke of your super powers. After I had made such a fuss over the congested Currelly floor last year, I told her we needed to make some changes, despite a full house. She said that we would do what we could. She then told me she wished that CORE were present at every ROM function because you had your staff walk the room, table by table, and make sure that each and every chair maximized the floor space. Each and every table was situated just so. And it made such a huge difference. That is the attention to detail needed in the Event World and your unique talent, the desire to improve every job for your clients. I wish all of you could be full time staff at my firm. My God we could rule the corporate world!

The Gairdner Foundation couldn’t say enough wonderful things about the speed, efficiency and care that the staff put in to the Event. I watched as your staff hustled to meet my goals but always did it with a kick in their step and a smile on their face, bringing joy to the whole process and fun to the floor. While each and every member of your staff was worth their weight in gold, I would like to single out several. Your office for manning the ship, your onsite supervisors for such efficiency – for being heroes and going beyond the call, your lead waitstaff for her special attention to my staff, and finally the two servers at the end of the night who ensured that I made it to my car with a ton of stuff before I fell over from exhaustion. Every single CORE person had my best interest at heart, as well as the clients and the caterers.

And finally CORE, while you tease me every single year that this will be your last time staffing this Event, I know that, as the true professionals that you are, you would never leave a client high and dry. I know that you lose sleep, on your own time, working out details that will take an Event from good to great. I know that you are the absolute best in the business. I know that I loathe taking jobs where I can’t bring CORE’s very special talents with me. And I know that much of my success, I owe to you and your team.

On behalf of my company and my client The Gairdner Foundation, I would like to thank both of you and your entire team for the magic that you bring to our Event every year. I look forward to working with you all again very soon.


The reviews are in.  Last night was a huge hit. Your staff were fantastic. They have invited me to use them anytime. I was in my pjs, with a glass of wine and my food box (packed by them), eating the red sauce by 11. You rocked it! I am SO grateful. We will of course show our formal appreciation next week we are done but I wanted to thank you profoundly in advance.

Hi Core,

I just want to say a quick thank you for our wonderful wedding night. It was so perfect and your staff were so amazing and excellent – super helpful, responsible and attentive. It’s probably the best service I’ve ever experienced. And the Richmond looked so beautiful, I was at a loss for words. Thank you for your time and patience with me, my hubby and our families — we really appreciate it. You really made our day super special!

Thank you!


The reviews are in.  Last night was a huge hit. Your staff were fantastic. They have invited me to use them anytime. I was in my pjs, with a glass of wine and my food box (packed by them), eating the red sauce by 11. You rocked it! I am SO grateful. We will of course show our formal appreciation next week we are done but I wanted to thank you profoundly in advance.

Hi Core – just wanted to thank you so much, dinner last night was fantastic!  I think I’m going to dream about the short ribs.

The Supervisor you sent us gave an amazing level of service & did a fantastic job plating and presenting the food.

Thanks so much for making my mom’s birthday a big success!

I just wanted to thank you so much for tonight. I clearly made a huge error and you saved me. Both my Supervisor and Bartender showed up with a smile, happy to be at my event and were great. You all take so much pride in taking care of your clients and tonight that was evident. Thank you again so much for coming to my rescue.


Hi Core,

The day went better than we ever could have imagined. From the weather to the guests to the photography and most of all the service, everything was perfect!!! Seriously, the food was unbelievably good and the staff were so professional and thoughtful. I couldn’t believe how quickly they had the house looking ready for a party and they pulled it all together better than I ever thought possible. I knew I picked things I liked but I had no idea it would look so elegant and complete in the end. The wait staff was constantly re-arranging the food to keep it looking beautiful. The food was the star of the show and everyone commented on how much they liked it!! People were in awe of how much detail and flavour went into such cute little bites. They were also impressed with how filling it all was. One of my favourite things was seeing how much people seemed to enjoy filling little plates to the brim from the smoked salmon and antipasti platters. The first thing my husband said at the end of the night is “we need to have another party so we can get this food again!”. I really can’t say enough about how much we all loved everything.
Thank you so much for making the whole process so easy and relaxed. You put us at ease from the start!
Hoping to have an excuse for another party soon!!

Many thanks!!

Hi Steff,

I just wanted to let you know that Marcus was absolutely phenomenal.  He made us feel so looked after and special.  He was really helpful in getting everything ready and made us feel like guests at our own party.  The birthday boy, as well as the other guests were very impressed.  Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to Marcus for making the night a wonderful success.


Again thank you so so much for making our event a wonderful success. Once again you and your team did an outstanding job. The food & service were unsurpassed, truly incredible. You attention to detail is amazing.

You are a delight to work with. Thank you so much for being so accommodating to our endless changes. You seriously have an incredible team and it’s always such a pleasure to work with you.

Please say a very special thank you to our Supervisor & his team, we couldn’t have asked for a more committed and attentive team. They were all so courteous, helpful and made everything look so seamless, from rearranging rooms and furniture before and after the party and ensured everything was packed away. They truly were a pleasure to have here last night.

I just wanted to thank everyone for a great night. Once again this team pulled it all together and put on one hell of a show. With an audience of just over 700 all of our guests got to hear and see some great music  and had a blast.

A huge thanks to our Supervisors from Core Event Staff for ensuring that all of our T’s were crossed and I’s dotted when the folks from the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario dropped by  for an inspection. We were inspected by the Liquor Board and Toronto Police, and we had ZERO infractions! Considering the amount of people under this roof tonight, I think that is pretty amazing, and speaks volumes at the quality of people we had working tonight to keep everyone sober and safe. No I’m not just tooting the Security horn; Core Event Staff did an amazing job at keeping everyone sober too! Our last count was around 760 guests, not counting bands and entourages which were probably another 80, and we only ejected 2 people total! I think that’s a record…

In all seriousness though, my hat is off to everyone for their tremendous help. All around it was an awesome night.


Hi Core

I wanted to drop you both a note to say thanks so much for your services at Upfront this year at 299 Queen St W and the Sony Centre.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback with respect to the food and service levels at both venues.  I’ve had staff specifically tell me how delicious the food at the after-party was, it was plentiful and was served in a timely manner (not a single person complained about having to wait).  We have not received ANY negative feedback with respect to their evening at the after-party.
Apparently the Communications team were quite happy with the execution at 299 Queen St W, but I defer to my colleagues who managed it all
Thank you again, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Hey Core –
Could you please forward to our Staff from Saturday night-our Fiesta party was awesome! Staff were amazing as always! Onsite they were perfect, as they spoke Spanish to guests as they arrived (it was a Spanish party)! We had lots of food and the service was excellent! It was amazing to wake up in the morning and have the house look like we didn’t even have a party for 60 people ;o)  I can’t image hosting another function without your help! You’re very good at what you do. Two thumbs up…5 gold stars…applause, applause…I could go on!
Have a great week
Thanks again – you guys are always making us look so darn good!

Good Morning Core

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with our event at the DX on Friday. The two employees who were on site during the day were beyond helpful and were so accommodating and were complete gentlemen!

Our entire team was extremely impressed with the food as well as the service. I will definitely be recommending your company in the future.

Unfortunately I was very busy dealing with other unexpected issues that morning, so I don’t believe I got a chance to really thank them in person but our experience with you guys both before and during the event was wonderful and I really appreciate everything!


Hello Core

The rehearsal dinner was a resounding success! The staff you sent were an extraordinary team.  Their level of service was simply impeccable.  They were thoughtful, efficient and fun!  My house was gleaming when they left.  Truly, my wife and I couldn’t imagine hosting an event without them!

Thank you again, for making our parties so memorable.

Well here it is 3 days post the RMA event and I am just now getting back to normal.  I was thrilled with the staff and their positive friendly approach to the guests.  Nothing was too much trouble at any point in the evening.  As a matter of fact I was very happy with your work before the event what with the immediate responses to my menu changes and floor plan options.
You’re all super!  Thank you very much indeed.

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